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Heartland Recovery, Inc.
2036 SE Quincy
Topeka, Kansas 66612

Phone: 785-232-1015
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Heartland Recovery is fully certified, and insured.

We have our insurance through industry leader, Harding Brooks Insurance. We are also certified through the RSIG CRA training program.

We are also members of Allied Finance Adjusters, and are covered by their $1 Million Liability Insurance Policy. Heartland Recovery has also completed the AFA/RSIG Joint Compliance Training Seminar to ensure we meet industry compliance standards.

In addition, Heartland Recovery has completed the CARS training program to be Certified Asset Recovery Specialists. We believe these certifications are an invaluable tool in managing the risks and reducing the liability associated with the repossession process.

Certified Recovery Agent

Certified Asset Recovery Specialists

Harding Brooks Insurance

AFA Member

Compliance Certificate


Allied Finance Adjusters

Certified Recovery Agent

Certified Asset Recovery Specialist

Heartland Recovery Inc.
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